tubular ultrasonic transducer for cleaning

Application of Ultrasound Vibrating Bar in Cleaning
Because of the unique design characteristics of the circular tube, the ultrasonic vibrating rod is especially suitable for cleaning all kinds of pipelines. The principle is to convert electric energy into ultrasonic energy and transfer it to scale, water and the inner wall of the pipeline according to its own law, so that it can obtain a great deal of energy. The oscillation wave produced by the ultrasonic wave in the transmission process makes the scale, water and the inner wall of the pipeline resonate. Because the oscillation frequency of the scale, water and the inner wall of the pipeline is different, the water molecules in the pipeline collide fiercely, generating a strong impact force, impacting the scale layer on the heat exchange surface, making it brittle, peeling, falling off and crushing, and following the equipment. The sewage is discharged together, so that the inner wall of the pipeline is thoroughly cleaned by the ultrasonic vibration rod. In addition, the ultrasonic vibration rod can also be used for the cleaning of the groove body. It can be placed freely in any position of the cleaning groove. It is very flexible and convenient to use, and occupies a very small volume space, so the cleaning does not leave a dead angle.
Ultrasound vibrating rod energy-accumulating ultrasonic probe can concentrate energy and obtain strong sound intensity on the end surface of ultrasonic radiation. Because of the energy-accumulating effect of horn, the acoustic energy density is greatly increased; the reactor can be designed accurately according to the size of the acoustic energy density; the transmitting end surface of the probe is generally designed to be detachable, so that it can be based on the size of the acoustic energy density. When the probe is seriously corroded by cavitation, only the end of the probe needs to be replaced without replacing the expensive whole vibrating rod. Ultrasound vibrating rod can be used to treat all kinds of refractory organic wastewater. It has been used to treat wastewater containing monocyclic aromatic compounds, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, phenols, chlorinated hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, organic acids, dyes, alcohols, ketones and other wastewater with good results. In the actual industrial wastewater, the equipment has been used to treat papermaking wastewater, printing and dyeing wastewater, tannery wastewater, coking wastewater, pharmaceutical wastewater, landfill leachate and so on, and achieved good results.
In addition, in some scenic lakes and rivers, ultrasonic vibration rods can also be used to kill algae and inhibit algae. The mechanical effect, cavitation effect, thermal effect and sound current effect of ultrasound make algae cell break, chemical bond break in substance molecule act on algae's outer wall and cause it to break and die, so as to achieve the functions of algae vacuole lifting and breaking, cell death or growth inhibition, and cause a series of biological effects. Cavitation makes algae cell break down. Microbubbles in liquids expand rapidly and close suddenly. Shock waves and jets are produced to eliminate algae and balance the water environment. Low-intensity ultrasound destroys the structure and function of phycobilisomes and interferes with the synthesis of chlorophyll, thus inhibiting the growth of algae.
Tubular Equipment
Total Length
Static Capacity
ARS-US1000  25-27 1000 500 Φ50-55 68000
ARS-US1500 25-27 1500 850 Φ50-55 68000
ARS-US2000 25-27 2000 1100 Φ50-55 132000
  tubular ultrasonic transducer for cleaning
tubular ultrasonic transducer for cleaning
tubular ultrasonic transducer for cleaning

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