power ultrasonic transducers with vibrating plate radiators

power ultrasonic transducers with vibrating plate radiators
Supersonic vibration plate matched with ultrasonic vibration plate for cleaning tank of ultrasonic vibration plate is composed of two parts: stainless steel vibration box and ultrasonic generator, which are all sealed by ultrasonic transducer. When the groove type ultrasonic cleaning equipment is not suitable for specific work needs, the ultrasonic vibration plate is suitable for self-construction of cleaning tank or adding ultrasonic cleaning for existing cleaning tank. It is also suitable for repairing and replacing the ultrasonic vibration plate of the existing ultrasonic cleaning equipment, installing the ultrasonic plate in the large-scale ultrasonic cleaning machine system, and installing the ultrasonic wave in the ultrasonic extraction equipment and the ultrasonic sewage treatment equipment. The ultrasonic vibration plate can be flexibly installed in different parts of the cleaning tank (top, side and bottom) to achieve different cleaning effects. Ultrasound vibration plate (vibration plate) is generally customized according to user needs and actual working conditions.
The characteristics of the immersed ultrasonic vibration plate are as follows:
1. It is composed of shock plate and ultrasonic generator. The two parts adopt split structure and are connected by high frequency electric wire for easy maintenance and maintenance.
2. All stainless steel structure, acid and alkali resistance. Titanium-gold plate can be used in strong acid or alkali environment.
3. The imported high-efficiency transducer (oscillator) has strong ultrasonic power and can work in 24 hours with long service life.
Type Diamention(mm) Frequency (Khz) Power(W) Ultrasonic Transducer
ARS-ZBH300W 300*190*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 300 6
ARS-ZBH600W 360*275*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 600 12
ARS-ZBH1000W 450*350*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 1000 20
ARS-ZBH1200W 470*380*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 1200 24
ARS-ZBH1500W 520*450*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 1500 30
ARS-ZBH1800W 560*450*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 1800 36
ARS-ZBH2000W 650*450*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 2000 40
ARS-ZBH2400W 740*520*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 2400 48
ARS-ZBH3000W 820*540*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 3000 60
ARS-ZBH5000W 1200*590*100 25,28,33,40,80,130 5000 100
Above are single frequency ultrasonic immersible transducer pack OEM Ultrasonic Immersible Transducer Pack(Size, Frequency,Power)
power ultrasonic transducers with vibrating plate radiators
power ultrasonic transducers with vibrating plate radiators

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