ultrasonic plastic welding machine for plastic bottle cap 20k

ultrasonic plastic welding machine for plastic bottle cap 20khz
Application of ultrasonic plastic welding equipment:
Ultrasound welding machine is used in automobile industry, electronics industry, medical industry, household appliances industry, non-woven clothing, office supplies, packaging industry, toy industry, etc. For example, car body plastic parts, car doors, car meters, car lights, mirrors, shades, interiors, filters, reflective materials, reflective track nails, bumpers, cables, motorcycle plastic filters, radiators, brake tanks, oil cups, tanks, fuel tanks, air ducts, tail gas purifiers, pallet filters; Electronics: prepaid water meter, communication equipment, cordless telephone, mobile phone accessories, mobile phone shell, battery case, charger, valve-controlled sealed maintenance lead-acid battery, 3-inch floppy disk, U disk, SD card, CF card, USB connector, Bluetooth; toy stationery: folders, albums, folding boxes, PP hollow board, pen case, ink box, selenium drum; Medical daily use: watches, kitchenware, oral liquid bottle caps, drip bottle caps, mobile phone accessories, golden soft brush, daily necessities, sanitary products, children's supplies, air mattress, clothes rack, gardening supplies, kitchenware sanitary ware, golden soft brush, shower head, anti-counterfeiting bottle caps, cosmetics bottle caps, coffee pots, washing machines, air dehumidifiers, electric irons Welding of electric kettle, vacuum cleaner, metal cover of speaker, etc.
Principle of Plastic Welding Equipment:
Ultrasound energy is transmitted to the welding area through the upper weldment. Because of the high acoustic resistance at the interface between the two welds, local high temperature will occur, and because of the poor thermal conductivity of the plastics, it can not be distributed in time and gathered in the welding area, resulting in the rapid melting of the contact surface of the two plastics and the fusion of the two plastics after adding a certain pressure. 。 When the ultrasound stops working, the pressure lasts for several seconds to solidify and form a solid molecular chain, so as to achieve the purpose of welding, and the welding strength can be close to the strength of raw materials.
Characteristics of plastic welding equipment:
1. New fashionable appearance structure design, fast and convenient operation;
2. IC precision control circuit and automatic overload protection system;
3. Four-point balance adjustment of tooling, simple adjustment of welding head;
4. The original NTK transducer (vibrator) in Japan has strong power output.
5. There is resonance in no-load and no-load, so it is not necessary to adjust the frequency of welding joint.
6. Frequency modulation and frequency automatic compensation circuit;
7. Imported alloy steel/aluminium variable spoke rod, sound wave strong and stable;
8. Electric elevator body, easy to operate, high strength;
9. Electric precision mechanical limit fine-tuning, high precision up to 0.2 mm;
10. It has three most advanced welding modes: time welding, deep welding and collapse welding, which are more suitable for high precision welding occasions.
Type Power(W) Frequency (KHz)
ARS-SLHJ-1500W15 1500W 15KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-1500W20 1500W 20KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-1800W15 1800W 15KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-1800W20 1800W 20KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-2000W15 2000W 15KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-2600W15 2600W 15KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-2600W20 2600W 20KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-3200W15 3200W 15KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-4200W15 4200W 15KHZ
ultrasonic plastic welding machine for plastic bottle cap 20khz
ultrasonic plastic welding machine for plastic bottle cap 20khz

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