2600W Ultrasonic Welding Machine For Auto Plastic Parts

2600W Ultrasonic Welding Machine For Auto Plastic Parts
Ultrasonic welding machine is mainly used for the secondary connection of thermoplastic. Compared with other traditional processes (such as adhesive, electric bonding or screw fastening), it has the advantages of high production efficiency, good welding quality, environmental protection and energy saving. Ultrasonic plastic welding equipment is widely used in medical equipment, packaging, auto parts, fishing gear and other industries, such as disposable infusion filter and plasma separation cup, self sealing bag, plastic wine bottle cover, dishwasher water wheel, plastic toys, lights, plastic fake bait, charger shell and mobile phone sling welding, one-time lighter shell welding and so on, manufacturing body plastic parts, car doors and so on , automobile instrument, lamp mirror, sunshade, interior trim, filter, reflective material, reflective spike, bumper, cable, plastic filter for motorcycle, radiator, brake fluid tank, oil cup, water tank, oil tank, air duct, exhaust purifier, tray filter plate; plastic electronic: prepaid water meter, electricity meter, communication equipment, cordless telephone, mobile phone accessories, mobile phone shell, Battery case, charger, valve controlled sealed maintenance lead-acid battery, 3-inch floppy disk, U disk, SD card, CF card, USB connector, Bluetooth; toy stationery: folder, photo album, folding box, PP hollow plate, pencil case, ink cartridge, selenium drum; medical daily use: watch, kitchenware, oral liquid bottle cap, drip bottle cap, mobile phone accessories, golden soft brush, daily necessities, sanitary products, children's products, air bed Pad, hanger, knife handle, gardening supplies, kitchen ware, shower, golden soft brush, shower head, anti-counterfeiting bottle cap, cosmetics bottle cap, coffee pot, washing machine, air dehumidifier, electric iron, electric kettle, vacuum cleaner, speaker metal cover and civil grating, etc.
Type Power(W) Frequency (KHz)
ARS-SLHJ-1500W15 1500W 15KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-1500W20 1500W 20KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-1800W15 1800W 15KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-1800W20 1800W 20KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-2000W15 2000W 15KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-2600W15 2600W 15KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-2600W20 2600W 20KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-3200W15 3200W 15KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-4200W15 4200W 15KHZ
2600W Ultrasonic Welding Machine For Auto Plastic Parts
2600W Ultrasonic Welding Machine For Auto Plastic Parts

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