20khz/15khz ultrasonic welding large plastic parts

20khz/15khz ultrasonic welding large plastic parts
Start up the ultrasonic welding machine to automatically search the vibrator and the resonance frequency of the welding head, detect the power supply of the system, the frequency range of the welding head, and check whether the key fails. Confirm the working frequency and store the memory. Finally, judge whether the current of welding head is too high. After confirming that it is normal, release the start key lock of each part automatically, otherwise the equipment cannot start normally.
1、 Four features of intelligent automatic frequency tracking plastic welding machine:
1. Automatic frequency tracing: the intelligent frequency control system avoids the inconvenience of manual frequency modulation, automatic detection of sound overload, automatic adjustment to the working frequency band, real-time tracking of the working resonance point, more stable operation of the machine, the lowest temperature of the vibration group, the frequency variation following the rise of the welding head temperature, and automatic adjustment of the machine.
2. Stepless amplitude: stepless amplitude control, with 5% increase, all sizes of rubber parts can be welded, effectively reducing the defective products such as piercing and scalding
3. There are three modes:
a. Time mode, precise time control, no time difference, the longest time is 9.999 seconds, up to 1ms increase or decrease (thousandth of a second).
b. Depth mode, built-in grating ruler, accuracy up to 0.01mm, can set fusion distance, effectively avoid the impact of air pressure, voltage instability, high and low errors of rubber parts on the final welding.
c. Power mode, when the welding reaches the set power, the wave will be generated
4. 4.3 inch touch screen display, digital input is simpler and more accurate than the old dial type operation, the counter can input the initial value, convenient for counting and memory. Chinese and English interface operation (optional) to facilitate foreign procurement.
2、 Three intelligent protections:
Mold current over protection, frequency offset protection, total output over protection, to protect the machine.
3、 Seven reasons for choosing ultrasonic welding machine
1. The development and application of depth mode is a new breakthrough in the fusion precision.
2. It is applicable to a wider range of welding heads, wide-band design, resonance band 20K equipment from 19.600khz to 20.200khz, recommended working point is 19.900khz, 15K equipment from 14.600khz to 15.200khz, recommended working point is 14.900khz, a total of 600Hz bandwidth is applicable to various manufacturers and new and old welding heads.
3. The operation is simpler, the welding head is replaced, the power supply is restarted after the welding head is fixed firmly, and the equipment will automatically detect and track the frequency points of the new welding head. Abnormal automatic shutdown, reduce the rate of defective products, prevent machine damage.
4. Welding record: it can store more than 300 specific parameters of product welding for viewing the welding effect at any time.
5. Alarm can be set for energy on-line and off-line to reduce the defect rate.
6. Machine fault automatic detection, make relevant prompt, convenient for maintenance.
7. Double start mode, safer.
Type Power(W) Frequency (KHz)
ARS-SLHJ-1500W15 1500W 15KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-1500W20 1500W 20KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-1800W15 1800W 15KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-1800W20 1800W 20KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-2000W15 2000W 15KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-2600W15 2600W 15KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-2600W20 2600W 20KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-3200W15 3200W 15KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-4200W15 4200W 15KHZ
20khz/15khz ultrasonic welding large plastic parts
20khz/15khz ultrasonic welding large plastic parts

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