20k 2000w desk-top filter bag ultrasonic welding machine

20k 2000w desk-top filter bag ultrasonic welding machine
Basic principle and characteristics of ultrasonic welding:
The high-voltage and high-frequency electric signals of 15KHz are generated by the ultrasonic generator, which are converted into mechanical oscillation of the same frequency through the piezoelectric inverse effect of the transducer, and act on the plastic product workpiece in the form of audio longitudinal wave. The temperature transmitted to the interface is increased by the friction between the workpiece surface and the internal molecules. When the temperature reaches the melting point of the workpiece itself, the interface of the workpiece melts rapidly When the vibration stops, the workpiece is cooled and shaped under certain pressure to achieve perfect welding.
4、 Main structure of equipment and brand of components:
4.1 energy exchange system: Japan's original chip transducer and Japan's Huangpai steel horn are used, with strong power, strong wear resistance and 20% higher power than the same domestic energy exchange system.
4.2 pneumatic components: famous brand large diameter cylinder Φ 63 * 80mm-20, five-way solenoid valve is adopted, with stable up and down operation, good buffering effect, eliminating the impact force of welding head on the workpiece and the back impact force of energy converter, which is more conducive to welding more precise workpiece and effectively protecting piezoelectric ceramic chip.
4.3 the machine is equipped with precise fine adjustment mechanism, with fine adjustment distance of 0.02mm and instrument indication. The height of the fuselage and the falling distance of the welding head have scale indication with accuracy of 1.0mm;
4.3 rack: the unique rectangular column design has higher mechanical strength and effectively avoids the backward phenomenon when working. The rack plate metal is processed by laser cutting machine and numerical control plate cutting and bending machine to ensure the assembly of the whole machine is well matched, the whole machine is all painted, with good adhesion, no falling off and beautiful appearance.
4.4 moving structure: the equipment adopts Taiwan linear slide rail, with high precision (incomparable with traditional guide rod and linear bearing) and strong wear-resistant, which makes the welding head drop more smoothly and does not deviate and move. It is more conducive to welding more precise products.
4.5 balance mechanism: the transducer assembly can rotate at will, and the transducer assembly is provided with a horizontal adjustable structure, and the workbench is provided with an adjustable structure. Two kinds of debugging structures make the debugging die more convenient, quick, easy to operate, easy to learn and understand
4.6 electrical system: a complete set of high-quality imported components and parts are assembled, the power amplifier part is improved and designed, and the amplification components are added to share the load,
It can reduce the temperature rise of triode, reduce the damage rate, without the design of program-controlled board, and replace the mechanical time dial switch with Japan Omron time relay, so the time control is more accurate and reliable.
Type Power(W) Frequency (KHz)
ARS-SLHJ-1500W15 1500W 15KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-1500W20 1500W 20KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-1800W15 1800W 15KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-1800W20 1800W 20KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-2000W15 2000W 15KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-2600W15 2600W 15KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-2600W20 2600W 20KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-3200W15 3200W 15KHZ
ARS-SLHJ-4200W15 4200W 15KHZ
20k 2000w desk-top filter bag ultrasonic welding machine
20k 2000w desk-top filter bag ultrasonic welding machine

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