ultrasonic driver circuit 28khz/40khz for ultrasonic cleaner

ultrasonic driver circuit 28khz/40khz for ultrasonic cleaner
First, product advantages:
1. Small size, easy to handle and store;
2. The operation is simple and easy to understand, and the debugging is simple.
3. Supersonic wave has strong penetration and cleanliness.
2. Product characteristics:
1. Frequency sweeping function: the most advanced sweeping circuit in the international market, effectively protecting the shock plate;
2. All IGBT power output components are imported devices, which have the advantages of small size, high power and fast response.
3. Power transistor: imported Toshiba 90A/1200V imported pipe, to eliminate the possibility of burning pipe;
4. Unique sealing and anti-corrosion technology to ensure long-term stable and reliable operation of internal circuit boards;
5. The latest excitation control circuit can output power up to 96%, which greatly improves the ultrasonic cavitation density.
6. The output current is sinusoidal wave, which can prolong the service life of transducer and generator itself.
7. Wide sweep frequency: 17KHZ-68KHZ adjustable, suitable for all kinds of transducers;
8. Constant output design, small output current ripple, more stable output, protect transducer from damage;
9. Output over-current and short-circuit protection can protect generator power tube.
Type Frequency Power Dimension
ARS-DLB300W 25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz,80khz,100khz,120khz 300W 180×130×60mm
ARS-DLB400W 25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz,80khz,100khz,120khz 400W 180×130×60mm
ARS-DLB500W 25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz,80khz,100khz,120khz 500W 180×130×60mm
ARS-DLB600W 25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz,80khz,100khz,120khz 600W 180×130×60mm
ARS-DLB900W 25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz,80khz,100khz,120khz 900W 180×130×60mm
ARS-DLB1000W 25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz,80khz,100khz,120khz 1000W 180×130×60mm
ARS-DLB1200W 25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz,80khz,100khz,120khz 1200W 180×130×60mm
ARS-DLB1500W 25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz,80khz,100khz,120khz 1500W 180×130×60mm
ARS-DLB1800W 25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz,80khz,100khz,120khz 1800W 180×130×60mm
ARS-DLB2000W 25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz 2000W 180×130×60mm
ARS-DLB2400W 25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz 2400W 180×130×60mm
ARS-DLB2500W 25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz 2500W 180×130×60mm
ARS-DLB3000W 25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz 3000W 180×130×60mm
Ultrasonic PCB generator could to 2400W,welcome send the enquire
200W-600W Ultrasonic PCB frequency adjustable,display board is optional
Above ultrasonic PCB generator 110V-120V or 220V-240V are available,contact with us during your order with detail request
ultrasonic driver circuit 28khz/40khz for ultrasonic cleaner
ultrasonic driver circuit 28khz/40khz for ultrasonic cleaner

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