ultrasonic cleaning transducer circuit boards 28khz/40khz

ultrasonic cleaning transducer circuit boards 28khz/40khz
Miniature ultrasonic generator is safe to use. It has the functions of over-current, over-voltage and over-heat protection. For example, if the voltage exceeds 10% of 220V soil, the ultrasound will be suspended, waiting to return to normal and can be ultrasound. Soochow Nabo Science and Technology has a brilliant reputation. We have spent ten years exploring from the perfection of procedures, horn adjusting technology and the choice of circuit boards. The seventh generation of ultrasonic generators will meet with you again.
1. Ultrasound circuit boards adopt advanced technologies such as micro-computer controlled excitation circuit, frequency automatic tracking and sweeping mode. Compared with the traditional control box, it has stable and reliable operation, continuous adjustable ultrasonic power, and can maximize the potential of the transducer.
2. The automatic tracking of the working frequency of the ultrasonic circuit board makes the output matching better, the power stronger and the efficiency higher.
3. The unique sweeping mode of the ultrasonic circuit board makes the cleaning liquid form a fine reflux under the sweeping effect. The dirt stripped from the ultrasonic circuit board is taken off the surface of the workpiece in time, so as to achieve a faster and more thorough cleaning effect, and the ultrasonic cleaning efficiency is higher.
Type Frequency Power Dimension
ARS-DLB300W 25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz,80khz,100khz,120khz 300W 180×130×60mm
ARS-DLB400W 25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz,80khz,100khz,120khz 400W 180×130×60mm
ARS-DLB500W 25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz,80khz,100khz,120khz 500W 180×130×60mm
ARS-DLB600W 25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz,80khz,100khz,120khz 600W 180×130×60mm
ARS-DLB900W 25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz,80khz,100khz,120khz 900W 180×130×60mm
ARS-DLB1000W 25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz,80khz,100khz,120khz 1000W 180×130×60mm
ARS-DLB1200W 25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz,80khz,100khz,120khz 1200W 180×130×60mm
ARS-DLB1500W 25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz,80khz,100khz,120khz 1500W 180×130×60mm
ARS-DLB1800W 25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz,80khz,100khz,120khz 1800W 180×130×60mm
ARS-DLB2000W 25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz 2000W 180×130×60mm
ARS-DLB2400W 25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz 2400W 180×130×60mm
ARS-DLB2500W 25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz 2500W 180×130×60mm
ARS-DLB3000W 25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz 3000W 180×130×60mm
Ultrasonic PCB generator could to 2400W,welcome send the enquire
200W-600W Ultrasonic PCB frequency adjustable,display board is optional
Above ultrasonic PCB generator 110V-120V or 220V-240V are available,contact with us during your order with detail request
ultrasonic cleaning transducer circuit boards 28khz/40khz
ultrasonic cleaning transducer circuit boards 28khz/40khz

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