ultrasonic solvent extraction 1000W/2000W 20KHZ

ultrasonic solvent extraction 1000W/2000W 20KHZ
Working Principle and Function of Ultrasound Vibrating Bar
The following three functions of the ultrasonic vibration bar are described.
Ultrasound dispersion: The process of dispersing and disaggregating particulate matter in liquid through the cavitation of ultrasound in liquid with liquid as medium. Ultrasound dispersion can be divided into emulsion dispersion, that is, liquid and liquid dispersion; and suspension dispersion, that is, solid and liquid dispersion. Its function has been practised and applied in many fields. Among them, the dispersing application of ultrasound to suspension, such as the dispersing of titanium oxide in water or solvent, the dispersing of dyes in molten paraffin, the dispersing of drug particles in medicine industry, and the dispersing of powder and emulsion in food industry, etc.
Ultrasound extraction: Ultrasound extraction separation is a scientific and reasonable new technology based on the existing state, polarity and solubility of effective components and groups of effective components in substances. It can make the solvent quickly spread to all corners of the solid surface and make its substances. The organic components contained in the extract can be dissolved in the solvent as completely as possible to obtain a mixed multi-component extract. The chemical components in the extract can be separated by appropriate separation method, and then refined and purified. After such a complete process, the final required monomer chemical composition can be obtained.
Ultrasound emulsification: Ultrasound emulsification refers to the process of mixing two (or more) non-aqueous solvents to form a dispersion system, in which one liquid is evenly distributed in another liquid and then an emulsion is formed. The physical mechanism of crushing insoluble solids (or liquids) is the cavitation of ultrasound. Ultrasound cavitation effect means that under the action of ultrasound, a large number of bubbles will be produced in the liquid, and small bubbles will gradually increase with the ultrasonic vibration, then burst and split suddenly. Tens of thousands of small bubbles will increase and burst again and again. When the bubbles collapse rapidly, high temperature and pressure will be generated inside the bubbles, and because of the surrounding bubbles. A strong local oscillation wave is produced in the liquid near the bubbles when the liquid rushes into the bubbles at a high speed, which also forms a local high temperature and pressure, resulting in ultrasonic pulverization and emulsification.
Tubular Equipment
Total Length
Static Capacity
 20 1000
20  1500
850 Φ50-55
20  2000
1100 Φ50-55
ultrasonic solvent extraction 1000W/2000W 20KHZ
ultrasonic solvent extraction 1000W/2000W 20KHZ

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