ultrasonic herbal extraction machine 20KHZ frequency 2000W

ultrasonic herbal extraction machine 20KHZ frequency 2000W
Application of Ultrasound Vibrating Bar in Extraction of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Ultrasound vibrating rod can be used to extract the effective components of traditional Chinese medicine. Firstly, extracting solvent is added to the container, crushing or cutting Chinese medicinal materials into granules according to the need, and putting them into the extracting solvent. Turn on the ultrasonic generator, install the ultrasonic vibrating rod on the top of the extracting tank, and send out the ultrasonic wave to the extracting solvent. The `cavitation effect'and the mechanical effect of the ultrasonic wave in extracting solvent are one. On the one hand, it can effectively break the cell wall of medicinal materials and dissolve the active ingredients into the extracting solvent in a free state. On the other hand, it can accelerate the molecular movement of the extracting solvent and make the extracting solvent and the active ingredients in medicinal materials contact quickly, dissolve and mix with each other.
The excellent temperature of ultrasonic vibration rod extraction is 40 - 60 degrees Celsius, so there is no need to equip a boiler to provide steam heating, which is conducive to saving energy and improving environmental pollution. More importantly, it has a protective effect on the active ingredients in medicines which are unstable under heat and easy to hydrolyze or oxidize. Ultrasound vibrating rod usually runs for about 30 minutes to obtain excellent results. Compared with traditional technology, the extraction efficiency is greatly improved, and it is not limited by the properties and molecular weight of Chinese medicinal materials. It is suitable for extraction of most kinds of Chinese medicinal materials and components (including liquid-liquid extraction and solid-liquid extraction). Therefore, the extraction of traditional Chinese medicine by ultrasonic vibrating rod has been more and more used by pharmaceutical factories.
Tubular Equipment
Total Length
Static Capacity
 20 1000
20  1500
850 Φ50-55
20  2000
1100 Φ50-55
ultrasonic herbal extraction machine 20KHZ frequency 2000W
ultrasonic herbal extraction machine 20KHZ frequency 2000W

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