ultrasonic atomizing transducer for humidifier 1.7mhz

ultrasonic atomizing transducer for humidifier 1.7mhz
Gas humidifier-supersonic industrial humidifier, to understand the application and function of supersonic industrial humidifier, please come to Dongguan Jiawu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Profit is not our ultimate goal. We insist on providing the most reliable humidification scheme, building high-quality projects, reducing customer investment costs and obtaining the highest for customers. Interests, please feel free to contact, we will reply to you at the first time.
Ultrasound humidifier is widely used in textile industry, paper industry, computer room, electronic industry, mobile phone battery industry, spraying industry, plastic industry, powder industry, printing industry, laboratory, tobacco industry, HVAC industry, fresh-keeping and storage, food industry, planting industry, aquaculture industry, artificial landscape, artificial labor. Fog, printing, dyeing, air conditioning, supermarkets and so on. Ultrasound industrial humidifier is chosen for its high humidification intensity, uniform humidification and high humidification efficiency, energy saving and power saving, which consumes only 1/10 to 1/15 of the electric humidifier, long service life, automatic humidity balance and automatic water-free protection, as well as medical atomization, cold compress bath surface, cleaning jewelry and other functions.
Ultrasound industrial humidifier converts electric energy into mechanical energy by using the atomizer module at the bottom of the flume. It uses electronic overfrequency oscillation to emit 1.7MHz ultrasonic wave into water. Through the high frequency resonance of the atomizer, water is thrown off the water surface to produce natural drifting water mist and blown out of the machine. No heating or chemical agent is needed to produce 1-5 micron water. Particles float in the air, so as to achieve the purpose of humidifying the air with equal enthalpy. Ultrasound industrial humidifier can automatically feed water, automatically humidify, automatically drain water, automatically clean, without personnel on duty; easy to use, easy to install, the main foot can move flexibly on the universal wheel, can also be wall mounted, can also be installed on the ground, suitable for various use environments.
Ultrasound industrial humidifier is used in industrial workshop for air humidification, cooling, dust removal, anti-static and other functions of filtering air dust. At the same time of humidification, increase the oxygen content of air, greatly create and improve the living environment of people.
Type Voltage Size Power Water Rate
ARS-WHHN230W 48V 253*91*70MM 230 4.5KG/H
ultrasonic atomizing transducer for humidifier 1.7mhz
ultrasonic atomizing transducer for humidifier 1.7mhz

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