7kg/h industrial ultrasonic humidifier ultrasonic fogger

7kg/h industrial ultrasonic humidifier ultrasonic fogger
Application fields:
Edible fungus: create a humidity environment suitable for cultivation process
Computer room: keep humidity, eliminate static electricity, reduce dust and clean air. Reduce faults.
Supermarket preservation: green leaf vegetables, fruits, fresh meat, fresh, refrigerated display cabinet, keep fruits and vegetables fresh, taste, color, prevent dehydration, wilt, weight loss, etc.
Laboratory: all kinds of constant humidity environment such as inspection, testing, quality, analysis, laboratory, etc. Keep all kinds of experimental process requirements, improve reliability and reduce failure.
Planting industry: all kinds of orchids, tropical plants, soilless cultivation, flower houses, etc. to maintain the environmental humidity requirements during the growth period.
Breeding industry: large scale breeding places such as livestock, birds and insects simulate the natural environment. Maintain the humidity requirements of various breeding industries, moisturize and disinfect.
Artificial landscape: tropical artificial rain, film and television, exhibition, park, zoo, square, water curtain film, etc. imitate the natural environment cloud landscape.
Leisure and health care: bath, fitness, skin care, beauty, cold fog bath, salt fog bath, anion bath and other leisure and entertainment, high-end enjoyment of human beings, comfortable environment,
Bar: pure draft beer + real ice + natural floating water smoke, leisure entertainment, artificial scenery, romantic water smoke, comfortable environment, negative ion bath.
Film and Television Cultural Industry: fog screen, three-dimensional sense.
Air conditioning industry: air conditioning humidification for airports, stations, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, cinemas, office buildings, etc., to keep humidity, suitable for human needs.
Powder industry: in addition to static electricity, dust, explosion-proof.
Tobacco industry: humidification, breaking prevention and dust removal are required during the processing.
Textile industry: humidifying, eliminating static electricity, reducing dust, no broken ends, reducing flying flowers, increasing weight and production.
Printing industry: in addition to static electricity, keep humidity to ensure that the paper does not shrink and deform, no paper jam, no defective products, easy color matching, no downtime, and improve production efficiency.
Spraying industry: all kinds of industrial products shell spraying, to maintain humidity, increase paint adhesion, do not take off paint, paint, drum, dust, keep the workshop clean.
Factory direct sales, product warranty 18 months, large quantity from the best. Large fog humidification module and special switching power supply! There are two, six, ten, twelve models of atomizer, widely used, welcome to inquire,
Type Voltage Size Power Water Rate
ARS-WHHN230W 48V 253*91*70MM 230 4.5KG/H
7kg/h industrial ultrasonic humidifier ultrasonic fogger
7kg/h industrial ultrasonic humidifier ultrasonic fogger

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