1.7mhz Ultrasonic Atomizer Disc Plate

1.7mhz Ultrasonic Atomizer Disc Plate
Ultrasonic humidifier is applicable to the following industries:
(1) Textile industry: humidity control of textile mills, elimination of static electricity and dust.
(2) Paper industry: paper humidity control, eliminate static electricity and dust.
(3) Computer room: humidity control and static elimination of various computer rooms.
(4) Electronic industry: semiconductor components factory, LCD factory, PCB Factory, IC testing factory, etc. for humidity control and static elimination.
(5) Spraying industry: humidity control of automobile coating and all kinds of spraying plants to eliminate static electricity and dust.
(6) Plastic industry: humidity control and static electricity removal for plastic molding plants and plastic product manufacturers.
(7) Gunpowder industry: gunpowder production, loading, manufacturing and storage are used to eliminate static electricity.
(8) Printing industry: plastic printing, fine printing, special printing humidity control and static electricity removal.
(9) Laboratory: environmental humidity of various quality inspection, testing, analysis and laboratory.
(10) Tobacco industry: tobacco processing, production humidity control and dust.
(11) HVAC industry: central air conditioning system to increase humidity and eliminate static electricity.
(12) Fresh storage: Fruit sparse products of constant humidity fresh-keeping, constant humidity storage.
(13) Food industry: dry, dehydrate, refrigerate food, fresh.
(14) Planting industry: large scale planting and cultivation of edible fungus, flowers, tropical plants and soilless cultivation and other humidity control.
(15) Breeding industry: large scale breeding, reproduction and hatching of livestock, birds and insects for moisturizing and disinfection.
(16) Artificial landscape: tropical artificial rainforest, film and television, exhibition, etc. imitate the natural environment landscape.
Type Voltage Size Power Water Rate
ARS-WHHN230W 48V 253*91*70MM 230 4.5KG/H
1.7mhz Ultrasonic Atomizer Disc Plate
1.7mhz Ultrasonic Atomizer Disc Plate

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