ultrasonic generator box for frequency cleaner 28khz/40khz

ultrasonic generator box for frequency cleaner 28khz/40khz
With the application of ultrasonic technology in cleaning, welding, crushing and many other industrial fields, the demand for new generation of ultrasonic power supply in power market is becoming more and more urgent. Based on the analysis of traditional power ultrasonic power supply, this paper combines digital frequency direct synthesis (DDS) technology, phase-shifted pulse width modulation (PS-PWM) technology, and so on. As well as the soft-switching technology of series resonant full-bridge inverters, an ultrasonic generator power supply based on the DSP chip TM320 DSP2812 is designed. The main research contents of this paper include: In the inverter module, the full bridge inverter circuit with IGBT as switching device is designed, and the corresponding driving circuit is designed. In the matching circuit module, on the basis of analyzing the traditional matching circuit, this paper adopts an improved matching circuit, which successfully meets the two requirements of the ultrasonic power supply for the inductive matching and impedance transformation of the matching circuit. In the aspect of power regulation, through the analysis and comparison of several representative power regulation modes, PS-PWM power regulation is selected as the power regulation scheme of this design. It has the advantages of continuous and stepless power regulation without additional power regulation circuit, and combines this scheme with soft-switching circuit to effectively reduce switching loss. In the aspect of frequency tracking, aiming at the shortcomings of traditional phase-locked technology, a PI-DDS frequency tracking control method is proposed. By using the rapidity of digital PI controller and the accuracy of DDS technology, the fast and accurate frequency tracking of ultrasonic power supply is successfully realized, which ensures that the power supply always works at the resonant frequency. In addition, this paper also designs three kinds of protection circuits for ultrasonic power supply, which are over-current protection, over-voltage protection and temperature protection, to provide reliable guarantee for power supply stability.
Ultrasound generator function:
Automatic frequency tracking, phase angle control, high output efficiency and stability. Even if the impedance changes due to the changes of the liquid temperature, depth, type, cleaning material, negative pressure state and other loads, and even the voltage of the power supply changes, it can also provide the power of temperature. Manual frequency mode selection, users can choose according to different needs. Timing mode selection, users can choose time mode according to different products.
The output power can be adjusted and the cleaning time can be set arbitrarily to meet the needs of different products. Frequency scanning can choose different bandwidth and scanning frequency to remove standing wave, improve the energy distribution of ultrasound and remove the cleaning blind area.
GF intelligent high and low voltage circuit is completely isolated, security assurance, strong anti-interference ability. Safety performance protection, when transducer abnormal (short circuit or open circuit), excessive output power abnormal, temperature rise, the protection system will automatically stop protection.
Efficient and unique cooling duct, anti-corrosion design, suitable for long-term work in humid and corrosive environment. Various parameters of carrier frequency and sweep frequency can be adjusted for different products by changing software.
Type Power(W) Frequency (KHz) Transducer numbers Size
All of machine are available for opening remote control function to connect with your own PLC system
ARS-QXDY-300W 300W 17khz,20khz,25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz
Frequency is adjustable
3-6 300x360x150
ARS-QXDY-600W 600W 17khz,20khz,25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz
Frequency is adjustable
6-12 300x360x150
ARS-QXDY-900W 900W 17khz,20khz,25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz
Frequency is adjustable
9-18 300x360x150
ARS-QXDY-1000W 1000W 17khz,20khz,25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz
Frequency is adjustable
10-20 300x360x150
ARS-QXDY-1200W 1200W 17khz,20khz,25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz
Frequency is adjustable
12-24 300x360x150
ARS-QXDY-1500W 1500W 17khz,20khz,25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz
Frequency is adjustable
15-30 300x360x150
ARS-QXDY-1800W 1800W 17khz,20khz,25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz
Frequency is adjustable
18-36 300x360x150
ARS-QXDY-2000W 2000W 17khz,20khz,25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz
Frequency is adjustable
20-40 300x360x150
ARS-QXDY-2400W 2400W 17khz,20khz,25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz
Frequency is adjustable
24-48 300x360x150
ARS-QXDY-3000W 3000W 17khz,20khz,25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz
Frequency is adjustable
50-60 300x360x150
High Frequency 300W-1200W 54KHZ,60KHZ,68KHZ,70KHZ,80KHZ,100KHZ,120KHZ,135KHZ
High Frequency 100W-300W 175-200KHZ

Above ultrasonic generator 110V-120V or 220V-240V are available,contact with us during your order with detail request

ultrasonic generator box for frequency cleaner 28khz/40khz
ultrasonic generator box for frequency cleaner 28khz/40khz

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