homemade ultrasonic dishwasher cleaner generator 25khz/28khz

homemade ultrasonic dishwasher cleaner generator 25khz/28khz
An ultrasonic generator includes a rectifier filter circuit, an inverter unit, a matching circuit and a transducer connected sequentially, and also an oscillation and driving circuit for outputting control signals to the power switch in the inverting circuit. It also includes a control unit and an electric power input to the rectifier filter circuit. The flow is detected and the current detection circuit of the current detection signal is output to the control unit; the output terminal of the frequency tracking signal of the control unit is connected, and the first digital potentiometer of the frequency regulation signal is output to the oscillation and driving circuit; and the input key connected with the control unit.
Ultrasound generator is the latest high-power ultrasonic transducer (digital) driver developed by our company. Embedded system is used as the control core, and high-power M05 tube is used as the output driver. It has high precision, avoids external interference and operates stably. In addition to all the requirements of high reliability, long life, input and output characteristics, high insulation safety, electromagnetic compatibility and noise tolerance of general electronic products, the functions of power regulation, sweep frequency, automatic frequency tracking, alarm, timing, temperature control and remote control required for transducer matching of ultrasonic actuators should be combined. It's complete.
· Adjustable output rate: Smooth linear adjustment of output power, adjustable from 20% to 100%.
· Sweep frequency: different sweep frequency can be set, sweep width is 20%~100%.
· Alarm: Overcurrent, Overheat, Output Underwork, Output Open Circuit, Output Frequency Drift, Telecontrol Communication Overtime
· Timing: It can set the timed operation of the ultrasonic generator and the timed range (1S~9999S)
· Temperature control (optional): Acquisition of the temperature of the ultrasonic tank, control the heater by relay, maintain the temperature of the tank to change in the range of set temperature (+2 C)
· Remote control: Provide RS485 interface, remote control panel, can achieve power, timing, temperature and other remote settings, fault display, switch control;
· Energy control: control the constant power output of the ultrasonic transducer;
· Frequency, power and corresponding state can be displayed when working.
· Multilingual interface, communication function and interface with PC.
Type Power(W) Frequency (KHz) Transducer numbers Size
All of machine are available for opening remote control function to connect with your own PLC system
ARS-QXDY-300W 300W 17khz,20khz,25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz
Frequency is adjustable
3-6 300x360x150
ARS-QXDY-600W 600W 17khz,20khz,25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz
Frequency is adjustable
6-12 300x360x150
ARS-QXDY-900W 900W 17khz,20khz,25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz
Frequency is adjustable
9-18 300x360x150
ARS-QXDY-1000W 1000W 17khz,20khz,25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz
Frequency is adjustable
10-20 300x360x150
ARS-QXDY-1200W 1200W 17khz,20khz,25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz
Frequency is adjustable
12-24 300x360x150
ARS-QXDY-1500W 1500W 17khz,20khz,25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz
Frequency is adjustable
15-30 300x360x150
ARS-QXDY-1800W 1800W 17khz,20khz,25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz
Frequency is adjustable
18-36 300x360x150
ARS-QXDY-2000W 2000W 17khz,20khz,25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz
Frequency is adjustable
20-40 300x360x150
ARS-QXDY-2400W 2400W 17khz,20khz,25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz
Frequency is adjustable
24-48 300x360x150
ARS-QXDY-3000W 3000W 17khz,20khz,25khz,28khz,33khz,40khz
Frequency is adjustable
50-60 300x360x150
High Frequency 300W-1200W 54KHZ,60KHZ,68KHZ,70KHZ,80KHZ,100KHZ,120KHZ,135KHZ
High Frequency 100W-300W 175-200KHZ

Above ultrasonic generator 110V-120V or 220V-240V are available,contact with us during your order with detail request

homemade ultrasonic dishwasher cleaner generator 25khz/28khz
homemade ultrasonic dishwasher cleaner generator 25khz/28khz

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